Saturday, August 12, 2017


There is no summer without Greece, and there is no muscle lover without someone living in Greece! 

It's this special DNA that ran in the veins of Hercules, Achilles, Leonidas of Sparta and other ancient Greek muscle Gods that inspired this Alplha Muscle Hunk here to build his body. 

Enjoy the result of many years of hard work. Have a great day out there and thanks for your growing support on this special blog! 

Keep muscle-rocking!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Fabio Di Domizio is back! The number one man with the most likes on our Blog is now a Personal Trainer in one of the most famous Italian Gyms: He works at international pop superstar Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness, at Milano, Italy.
Fabio loves's depicted in his home in Milan and in his everyday lifestyle. He believes Fitness is Art. He never stops being muscular and sexy, he is always waiting you to assist in your training...right now let's enjoy the new photos we managed to collect from his own personal Instagram account plus one bonus eye candy photo which is our present for you all! For your information, Fabio Di Domizio is 6,0 ft ( 1,82cm) and 217 lbs (98kg)
Waiting for your comments , likes and shares..make Fabio see this and enjoy the Muscle Addicted Blog too!